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I am the Rake. Better start running. It won't do you much good, but I do prefer a good old fashioned chase.

((Independent RP blog for the supernatural creature the Rake, from creepypasta and from EverymanHybrid. Will RP with anyone. FC is Jared Padalecki.))

Rake leaned against a tree with a smirk. That had been a bit more successful than he had been expecting. He had just returned to his territory after going after some young woman in the city. He wasn’t very hungry for that day, so he decided to just go with another little pastime of his. Rake had chosen a fairly random woman off of the street to harass, had chased her down an alley. Really, he was able to pick up on the way she stared down at the street as she walked, how she stuck to the shadows, how she ignored everyone else. Easy prey.

He had cornered her in the alley against the wall, taking his chance to quickly discover her mental weaknesses and use them to his advantage. He had brought her to tears in the alley and left her with a dark grin on his face. After he left the alley, he took to the shadows, back to his stalking behavior, able to make himself nearly invisible to all around him. He followed the woman back to her home and got himself in easily. He stayed long enough to watch her take the knife to her wrists and the blood stain the carpet before he decided that he had his fun and he made his way back out to his territory.

The Rake wandered curiously around the edge of the city. He had yet to truly venture much into the city, he generally just stuck to his claim in the forest, but fewer and fewer people seemed to be wandering into his territory. He had plenty of deer and other wildlife to hunt, but nothing really satisfied his hunger like human flesh. He had already killed one lost man on his way there. Rake had left the body in a group of bushes just off the highway. There was still a bit of blood on his shirt from the attack, but he just pulled his jacket tighter around him, trying to hide it. Walking into the city with blood on his shirt was probably not the best way to go.

He hesitated as he started to walk into the city. Rake wasn’t exactly used to being surrounded by people. He had stalked plenty of people in the past, sure, and this wasn’t his first time in the city. It was just his first time walking so openly into the city in this vessel. 



Yes. Werewolves rarely wander into my territory. One of the few species out there that seems to understand the importance of such a notion.*smirks* 

Wait… this is your territory? I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to intrude… Please, forgive my ignorance. I can leave now if you would like.

Hm, you seem to be a polite enough breed. No reason to chase you out just yet. Lucky for you I’m not a fan of the taste of werewolves. 



“Well, normally it wouldn’t be, but you’ve found yourself in my territory. So I do think it concerns me. As for myself, I’m not exactly a creature that belongs in civilization.”

“Have I now? Traversed into your territory? Well, then. Pardon me. Trespassing wasn’t my intention, I assure you. I was under the belief that this wood was public property. And as for you? You look fairly average. Tell me, then, what’s so inhuman about you?”

"Yes. I must admit my territory isn’t very well marked, but that’s for a reason. And oh, legally its public property. I don’t exactly follow the legal system. Yes, I look human. Its a very lovely vessel, isn’t it? Makes it so much easier to get around in the city if I must. What’s inhuman about me? Well, I suppose you could say everything. I’m more similar to your…demons, I suppose is an accurate enough comparison."





Well, then, aren’t you an interesting one?

And aren’t aren’t you a creepy one?

*chuckles* Yes, you could say that. Glad to see that somebody can see it.

Riiight. So, what makes me so interesting, creepy guy wants to talk to me, hmm?

Well, you are in my territory. And its rare for non-humans to wander into my territory unless they have business with me.








*smirking, takes a step towards her before stopping, his eyes focused on the arrow* I don’t need friends. I have my Master, and all his other pawns. That’s good enough for me. Anyone else is just a snack.

[Emily’s breathing becomes faster, her eyes meeting his black ones. She spins the arrow in her hands, a small smile on her face.] Like it? I’ve got a whole quiver of them on my back. I’m not Hawkeye’s daughter for nothing. [She tilts her head slightly to the side, raising an eyebrow.] Master? You mean like the devil?

Yes, I can only assume you know exactly what you’re doing with them. And I’m still a bit sore from the last arrow I got hit by. *notices her breathing quicken and his grin widens* Well, I suppose he would be considered a devil by most. And if Lucifer ordered me to do something, I would be glad to do it. But I have unfortunately not met him yet. I take my orders from another.

 Oh yes, my dad taught me everything he knows. I haven’t missed a target yet, moving or still. [Emily continues to back up slowly and her face contorted a bit changing expression, trying to hide any trace of fear.] Another? Who is this son of a bitch? Do you like him? [She looks down at the arrow and then back at him, watching his movements carefully and sizing him up a bit.]

Rake starts to approach her slowly again, but stays at a distant that she hopes won’t find threatening enough to feel the need to release the arrow in his direction.  ”I don’t doubt it. Your father is quite capable. You learned from the best,” he said. He looks her over and says, “He is known as the Slender Man, perhaps you’ve heard of him. No, Lucifer is a bit higher up on the chain of command. I am not one to interact with him directly. I have interacted with the one known as Loki, however.”

Emily looks around them in shock, noticing how far she had wandered and how dark it was. How did she get here anyway? “Ah yes, I’m familiar with the Slender Man.  It seems all of you are connected somehow. Man, what a troublemaker Loki is. Are you immortal like them too?” She watches his movements out of the corner of her eye as she viewed the woods around them, trying to find a path or trail of some sort.

As she looked around, Rake quickly took a few steps forward, a grin on his face as he noticed the look of shock on her face. “Yes, many of us are connected. Some have a tendency to go off on their own and create more trouble than they are worth, but…for the most part, we stick to the roles we are assigned,” he said with a simple shrug, starting to circle her. “As for immortality, I might as well be. I may not live forever, but I will outlive you and many generations to follow. You’d be hard pressed to find a way to kill me, as well.”

“So you all are sort of like a, supernatural army? And as for killing you, it doesn’t hurt to try. Everybody’s got a weakness, you just gotta find it.” Emily said, breathing rugged and heavy as she continued to look around trying to find a path. “I have to admit, your human looking form is quite attractive. Can you control when you change form? How long does it take for you to transform into full-out killing machine?” She asked, curious as to how much time it would give her. She noticed that he was definitely closing the space between them and shooting him wouldn’t do much or any good at this point, there wasn’t enough distance between them. So she puts her arrow away, backing up and trying not to let him get too close. When he starts circling around her like a lion stalking prey she pulls out her long double-sided blade, clutching the handle in the middle tightly with one hand. She looks down at it and smirks, knowing that she could use it to turn anyone into a bloody kabob with a single jab. However her smile faded, and she knew what she was up against. Something this fast and powerful would easily kill her before she could kill him. She looked back at him and laughed nervously, staggering back. “Surely you don’t have to rip me to shreds, do you? Can’t we all just get along? You can stay in that sexy form, I can put my blade away, and I’ll just find my way back.”

"In a way, we are. For the most part, we are created, assigned a role and left to it. As long as we do our jobs, there is no threat of harm to us," Rake said simply, grinning slightly as he watched her put her arrows away. He stayed at the distance he was, circling her silently for a moment, choosing his words carefully. "Well, good luck finding mine, is all I can say. Oh, you believe so? Yes, this vessel is quite fitting, I think. Can I control it? Yes, of course. I’m not as out of control as that beast on the Avengers team. Sometimes I slip into that form, but I have just as much control over what I do and who I kill. I may seem to be more animalistic in that form in my mannerisms, but really, that’s just who I am. I have to keep that from slipping out in this form. How long does it take to transform?" the Rake paused slightly to chuckle. "Well, you’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you?" As she pulled the blade out, he could only laugh once more and shake his head. "Ah, I could let you go, but that’s not my role now is it? And I love my job," he said with a smirk, stopping his circling and just staring at her.

Okay, my Rake muse is kind of very pissed at me right now. Just…lots of things going on with Loki the past few days, but Rake has tied up my Loki muse and is demanding some time to play. So. I’m getting to replies, I’m open for m!as here, I’m willing to plot with people, and I might start an open RP here later. Because I feel bad that I haven’t been here as often.XD


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